Somewhat unsurprisingly, I couldn't sleep, so I conducted my own little financial review.

Astonishingly, it costs me £1375 just to be here. That's rent, household bills and travel to work. It doesn't include food, clothes etc. My rent is low, but that figure really does amaze me. After tax, half my money gone, whoooosh. 

I put £308 a month into pensions and my ISA, and £100 a month into my holiday fund. So I'm 80% less degenerate with cash than he assumed.  But, I could save a bit more. 

However, things do crop up. He took the telly and gave it to Katie, so I had to get a new one.  When my foot was particularly bad, I had to pay for taxis. The house, after many years, needed redecorating, so that had to be paid for. Work laptop went kaputt, they didn't want to get me a new one, so that was replaced. The garden clearance. And looking forward, I need to get an electrician in to fit a new bathroom light, that's completely burned out now, and the back door needs replacing, that won't be cheap!

I am far from being the best at money saving. But I eat a lot from rotten corner, use my bike when I can, when I go out with friends it's often a review gig, groupon or some sort of special deal. I use charity shops and pound shops. And price comparison websites. I don't have any debt, and I still make several charitable donations each month. 

So not quite the shameless, unprincipled finacial libertine I'm made out to be.

Money spent on rent that could have gone towards a mortgage over the last few years, £84,000.  And that my friends, is the biggest waste.  Not the £30 I spend on  my hair and lashes every fortnight.


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