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A Quiet Acceptance

When I met boo, I met my match. He was everything I'd ever looked for, and more. But he lied and cheated. He lied and cheated to his wife and family for over 20 years and to me for over 10. Something happened last week, even though we are *technically* not together, big LOL, to confirm that he's still a compulsive liar. He can't stop himself, and I've seen that for years now. I don't even have an issue with it now, I just take it as a given that he lies half the time at least. It's a long time since he made a fool of me. If he wishes to continually make a fool of himself, that's fine. If you're older, greyer and fatter, you may as well round it off with stupider. No harm done in the big scheme of things. Being untrustworthy is a choice.

I don't own a property, because I always thought Rod and I would make a life together. We didn't, he prefers to be dodgy.

As an adopted child, I have struggled my entire life, to feel safe and secure. At 52, I still don't. nor do I see it on the horizon. Such is life I guess.

So I am making enquiries, as to long term pans for retirement. America is sunny and cheap. Who knows!!!

Still the optimist :)


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