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A Game of Two Halves

Nooo, not the football (although I will apparently have to tuff out watching France v Croatia in luxury, with champagne). Just life. Probably more than two halves in my instance. Can you have five halves? I can, watch me!

Following the party au jardin on Saturday, I find my dance card filling rapidly. Dinner with Joe, a long weekend at Mel & Si's, a private play party, a 60th fet birthday party, a club invite, a lunch invite, an impromptu Sunflower Cinema and more. That's all ace, and I'll do it all. But best of all, was seeing friends from Wales, Wiltshire, Henley, Bedford, St Albans, sarf Lunnun, who all made the effort to come. It was amazing. There isn't one photo, because there were no phones. I didn't ban them, people were just enjoying themselves muchly without them. There was no music (aside from Peter playing something very low key, after midnight). No games. We all did something that I thought was long forgotten. We CONVERSED.

You don't have to act the arse, be outrageous or draw attention to yourself, to engage with intelligent, alternative and outward facing people. They prefer it if you don't. The cheap thrill brigade vanish into the ether when faced with any substance.

This was a mixture of quiet one-to-one's, small groups, and everybody. The feedback has been tremendous, mostly along the lines of "I wish I could have stayed later" (and when this comes from people I consider to be way above me on the IQ front, I am enormously grateful).

Tonight was fun, but too much phone fiddling. When you try to engage somebody in conversation, and they can barely look up, you just stop. Same on the train. 2 x 4 seats, 8 people. I was the only one not surgically attached to my mobile. It's sad really.

Rents, dort and Kate on Sunday. Tomorrow is getting my bike brakes fixed, gym and putting together an armoire! Somewhere along the line, there's another ton of stuff to launch at Ebay!


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