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And There's More!

Quite apart from my listed ailments yesterday, I should add that I weigh more than I should, I still smoke (albeit less) and still drink red wine. My right clavicle is still sticking out and I've got cellulite.

Regular readers on here and FB will of course know this, as it's all been mentioned many a time. So far from the alleged only blowing smoke up my own arse, I have genuinely reflected the real me. Including everything that's wrong, I don't hold back!

Yet to come, menopause, dementia and incontinence.

God, I forgot my dodgy eyes, I had to edit to add that!

On the plus side, I have my own teeth, and they're exceptionally good! I've got great skin for my age, and a very full head of healthy hair. So it's not all bad news, hahahahaha!

However. I think it's better to judge a person on their heart. Are they good inside, do they help others? Are they charitable? Do they try to improve themselves with travel, reading and the arts? Do they add value to a social setting, and can they equally be happy with their own company? Are they honest and loyal? Are they sincere and with integrity? Do they have a work ethic?

Because judging people on if'n they can run or not is something 4 year olds do, not grown ups. I am 52 years old, if I tell you I can't do something, accept that. No point in haranguing me for an hour, it doesn't change a thing. No point in being an angry little man and huffing n puffing away, it don't cut no mustard. I can go at the speed I go, so that's what I do. It's not like I currently have options.


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