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I've had inflamed discs in my lower back for about 8 years now. for which I've had numerous injections and 2 operations. It's not curable per se, but is kept in obeyance with anti-inflammatories, which I am supposed to take twice a day, but only take when I feel the need. Ditto the amitriptyline for the pain. I have bursitis in my left hip as a result of this. This only troubles me when I try to sleep. it's perfectly manageable.

The arthritis in my knees, particularly the right one, is pretty horrible. And getting worse, as it does.

My left ankle has been troublesome since I was an infant. I used to wear calipers. As an adult, it has been constantly swollen and weak. I am currently on a waiting list for that too. Although I am told the treatment is very painful and often not successful.

In spite of this, I've climbed Scaffel Pike and Snowdon. I've jumped out of a plane, can swim a mile easily, played hockey at county level, shinty like the very effing devil, netball and ladies' cricket. I've learned to belly dance, done yoga and pilates, been to the gym regularly, learned to sail and kayak, and of course, done pretty much everything I've wanted to do. Absolutely none of it with any speed or great grace. But if I want to do it, I do it.

Tonight I had to listen to some arrogant nonsense about not trying, or insisting that the world revolved around me. Of course opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got one. However, I felt very hurt at the way I was constantly belittled and berated. By Rod, who was 45 minutes late yesterday and an hour and 20 minutes late today, with little in the way of physical impairments.

And all of this, because of a train I was 12 minutes early for anyway.

It's a shame, as it marred an otherwise very good night. Thankfully I am in a position to walk away from the petty mantrums.

I'm not going to address this with the person concerned, I've already done so, umpteeen times, to no avail. Instead, I'm going to share in my own good luck, and help somebody else.


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