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Saturday was BBQ day! And bloody good fun it was too! Chris arrived 2 hours early (in fact I wasn’t even home, LMAO) and so sat in the lounge whilst the slave cleaned (badly) and then made lunch for Lorraine, who was also early. The rest arrived in a more timely fashion, but we all stayed indoors until gone 4, due to the ferocity of the heat. Amazingly, NOBODY WATCHED THE FOOTBALL!
And them full steam ahead. Lovely Si manning the BBQ (Pete C and Kinky Sean also had a go later in the evening) and me dashing to and fro (well, a couple of times) from the kitchen with the oven cooked goodies. And I have to say, people brought some fan-bloody-tastic food! Faith was outstanding!

All those not driving got extremely merry, I had 3 overnight guests and 2 lots in different local hotels. Friends travelling in from Wales, Wiltshire and of course all the local usual suspects. Called it a day at around 1am I think.
And for reasons unknown to me, woke at 5.30am on Sunday. Crept downstairs, only to find Dawnie already reading her Kindle. So out we toddled into the garden for a few coffees. She left, and I merrily tidied and scrubbed until Peter and eventually Sandie, surfaced. The rest of Sunday I spent shuttling between the sofa and the garden, thinking that I should DO SOMETHING, but not actually really do anything.

Glamazon award to Sarah B (and Mike!)
Funny fukka award to Douggie
Politically incorrect award to Den



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