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Crab Rillettes and Decompression

I returned for my little bolthole in Corfu reeling divinely refreshed and relaxed. I didn't write about it at the time, because it was perfect and I wanted to be in the moment.

Steph suffered horribly in the heat, however, she was the perfect companion. We oscillated betwixt the jetty in the sea and the calm pool most days. She retired to bed in the scorching afternoons, I stayed out and read voraciously. We day tripped to Paxos, Antipaxos and The Blue Caves, which was a superb day out. We bussed into Corfu town, once for shopping(and Oh My did she shop!), and once to have a rather fabulous dinner, with freshly truffled truffles with Pete and Mandy. We wobbled down the road and found a wee restaurant that produced it's own wine - shite, but anyway, a shared experience. And whilst swimming in the sea, I became concerned that a boat was heading straight for me. They could not possibly have known from that distance, but it was indeed Pete and Mandy on their yacht! We swam around as they weighed anchor and lured them, via their dinghy, to our beachfront bar, for beers n cocktails. We had a few meals out, a few meals in, lots of drinks on the balcony, and she wants to come again next year.

I have booked for next year, flights and or course, the same hotel. Would 25 Euros half board be OK, Petros enquired? Ναί! And the obligatory free flight with Airmiles. So that's 9 days for the princely sum of £180, flight, hotel, breakfast and dinner sorted. I'm going to do the jolly to Albania next year.

This holiday is important. It's important because it's a real get-away-from-it-all. I don't do much, and there's no obligation to do anything at all. No agenda, no timetable. I don't have to talk to anybody. I can do exactly as I please. Perfect. Just perfect. I am looking forward to it already!

The combination of two holidays and a glam wedding in less than 3 weeks, have put half a stone back on of the 2 I dropped previously. I have a party in the garden next weekend. After that, back on the wagon!

I am trying to tame my garden. With varying degrees of success. But I enjoy it. I have also enjoyed, very much, coming home this last fortnight, and spending time in it. Last night, tapas and wine with my lover. Mz Paltrow had a conscious uncoupling. Perhaps we are having a semi-conscious coupling? Who knows. It doesn't matter, I am enjoying him. I value and appreciate our time together. Last night he arrived angry, upset and ranting. And departed chilled and happy. That's how it should be. And he helps me. And love *shrug*

So pleased that the world finally seems to be waking up to the nasty that is plastic. And more people are aware of the inhumane treatment of animals in the food chain. There is hope.....

Rod invited me to see Jason Manford at the Apollo in Hammersmith tonight. Very tempted, but the whole idea of heading further away from home at 5pm just killed me. In this heat, I'm all for the easy options, she said a she typed, wearing just a t-shirt in the back garden :)

Crab rillettes for tea. But first I need to water the scorched expanse that is currently passing for lawn.

Life is good.

Love n peace xxx


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