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Jun. 4th, 2018

"My sex life is second to getting people pregnant". Said the bloke who's lying to his wife and making non legal sperm donations. If you chose this option, quite simply, you are risking breeding a cheat and a liar. And that isn't even touching the medical and genetic implications. He said his wife would be horrified. Who wouldn't?

"My children would be severely affected finding out they have 60 half brothers and sisters". Didn't stop him though.

Nor did the fact that they now have legal and financial obligations, should the mothers wish to pursue them. Not that any of the spermers had a penny between them.

Watching them wank in a van was................ick.

In other news, I was told at the weekend of a mutual friend who was apparently crippled and destitute. Having contacted them, and being told I need to visit between 2 work-related trips to Europe, I'm guessing not! They in turn told me of another friend, at Death's door. Do I commiserate or send a party invite?!

I am not packed for Corfu. However, this is a simple trip for me. Not doing much. Pencilled in is a bat trip to The Blue Caves and Paxos and Anti Paxos. A walk to Mouse Island for dinner. A bus trip in to Benitses. Confirmed is a shopping trip to Corfu and all aboard Pete's yacht. I don't think I need much TBH. I washed my Marrakech stuff, plonked it on the dining room table, and I'll probably bung it back in the suitcase again, simples! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to getting back to my little bolthole. Those stunning sunrises and sunsets!

Eating with an old friend tomorrow.

A teensy bit obsessed about going to Africa,


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