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A Pause Between Holidays.....

I am sat here in Rod's dressing gown, quaffing his wine. He brought over 2 good bottles last night. He's off to Merikee now for a week n a bit. By the time he gets back, I'll be in Corfu, tanning my ample behind :)

It's lovely and peaceful here. Well, apart from both cats crying because I'm making them eat the food they left today, hey ho. The birds are in evensong, it's balmy and relaxing. I am tackling the garden tomorrow, so one needs to preserve one's strength ;)

So, Marrakech. Apart from the 2.30am start, which meant I was DOA, it was just fabulous. Iberostar was much better than expected. Lovely spacious rooms with views, an adults-only pool and the food.........oh my gawd. No wonder Donna and I put the best part of half a stone on each!! Wonderful service as well. Bearing in mind we had a room each for well under £400, fully inclusive of food and booze, I am tucking that in my belt as a win.

We weren't into the various activities, mostly family-orientated, but they were free anyway, so no harm done!

Two of D's friends recommended Cafe Clock. Unfortunately, the food was probably the blandest I've ever had in Morocco. It's a nice setting, and they do events - we went to the storytelling evening, but it didn't float our boats particularly.

Her trying to pull ancient and wizened taxi drivers et al, was hilarious. We shall never argue over a man, that's for sure! Weather gorgeous. Not tooooo hot, so we were able to sunbathe, shop, museum and eat and gawp at ease. We visited the Majorelle Gardens and the Berber Museum, both excellent, and you can clearly see where YSL got his inspiration from! Did a fair amount of shopping, note to self and readers that the Artisan Ensemble is the best in terms of quality and price. It's a government run collective, and the shops mostly make their goods in situ. Everything from kaftans to bags to carpets and perfume.

The locals try to rob you (not physically, in terms of prices, from taxi drivers to slipper sellers), but to me it's part of the game. You're either game on, or not *shrug*

Fantastic meal in Pepe Nero again (I went with Debs 2 years ago). It's a longish walk from the square, which wasn't great for D, but worth it when we got there. Complimentary Mimosa and an amuse-bouche on arrival, and the finest of foods followed. D delighted with her pigeon pastilla, I went Italian. Plus they organised us a taxi and somebody to walk us to it. On point service throughout, in a knockout setting. Not cheap, but worth every Dirham.

But I still feel Marrakech has a lot more to offer, so I will be going back! Bags!

The a super-fast change around as soon as I touched down. Washing in the machine, and wedding apparel in my case, and off to Reading for Natasha and Robert's wedding, just 14 hours after my plane landed.

Had dins in town with Donna (yes, second break with her!) after whizzing round Reading centre to get my nails, lashes and hair done, as soon as I'd stepped off the train. Dolce Vita was meh. Kitchen closed at 8, so we felt rushed. Bottle of prosecco on the terrace in the sunshine was lovely, the music being blasted at us from a nearby venue wasn't. Food wasn't up to the standards expected.

And we set off for Ufton Court, which is as back of beyond as we've been for a while. But achingly lovely. The bride looked gorgeous, her family, and his, were superb, and a wonderful day was had by all. A chance to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. And again, the food was plentiful. A Star Wars cake, and a cake made up of whole cheeses, mmmmmmmmmm! Carriages at midnight. And up at the crack, breakfast and a whizz round Reading town centre, shopping, and back on the train again.

Three day week at work this week, and next, before heading off to my little bolthole in Corfu. Munch at the Greek in Ware with the gang on Sunday, great stuff!

So life is bloody hectic. But good!

I am as madly busy as ever, but finding more time to myself, and able to spend some lovely down time with boo.

Love n peace y'all xxxxxxxxxx


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Jun. 4th, 2018 02:48 pm (UTC)
was a great holiday, just what I needed, minus the extra 6 and a half pounds of fat I put on!
Jun. 4th, 2018 10:26 pm (UTC)
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