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Hurtling Along in a Tin Can

Which is effectively what I do, to get to work, on a daily basis. I'm tired of it. But I enjoy my work and I have to earn, so what to do? Food for thought. I'm a young 52, but the notion of retiring to somewhere warm is very enticing already!

Another good weekend. Gym and shopping on Saturday, followed by a hospital visit to Mum. She's now home. Then a perilous bike journey, in the rain, with my couture hat!

Rod and slow roast lamb on Sunday. I fell asleep on the sofa, and woke at 1am, and then couldn't get back to sleep. Had a decaf and a cigarette, went back to bed, and watched him sleeping. Finally nodded off as the sun came up, got up at 7, weary, but luckily a busy day at work, and it passed really quickly.

This time next week I'll be in Morocco with Donna. However, I'll be leaving here at 3.30 am, arghhhh. But at the end of my journey lies sun and a 5* all-inclusive hotel. So I'll manage. Back for a day, then off to Berkshire for 3 days for Natasha's wedding.

Assistant leaving. Got told I was notoriously difficult to work for. Within 24 hours, old assistant wants to talk to me and 2 people from within the hotel want the job. Ha!

I have left myself a lot to do before Saturday, and I'm out 2 nights this week. It'll all happen, one way or another :)


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