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Had a great night last night, and this morning started rather well. Sexy Australian excelled himself.

I was in the hairdresser's at 8am, the only time they could fit me in. I schlepped down there, yawning, but feeling happy. Much of the rest of the day was spent weeding and trimming in the garden. None of it shows! But it is done. If I can, I'm going to mow the lawns tomorrow. The new lawnmower needs putting together, I am not good at these sorts of things, and I don't want it broken. Nothing is ever straightforward.

I decided upon first pedicure of the summer when I'd finished, and realised that I had time to go to the gym beforehand too. As I moved the green wheelie bin back to it's place, it dropped on my foot, taking part of my nail and a lot of skin off the end of my toe. Claret aplenty! Inc all over the bathroom floor. I put a plaster on it after I'd used the disinfectant, and put socks on, but it hurt like billy-o. Undeterred, I went and did the bloody gym in flip flops, gingerly. Pedicure lady was very gentle with me.

Cooked myself a chilli con carne tonight, which was lovely. We a bit of a feast last night, with plenty of wine, so I'm mindful of being back on plan now.


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