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Apr. 24th, 2018

I'm an angsty cat-mamma at the moment. Murphy got his get-out-of-jail free card, no op. But the cone is still on, and he DESPISES it. It also means he can't use the catflap, and the vet said no going out anyway. Of course he's been out daily. I've just called him in, and he's already howling (and I mean HOWLING) to get back out. The risk is, if he goes out, he may get the cone caught on something, and he can't defend himself from other cats. It's kinda ok when I'm home, I can hear him, and I thought he couldn't get out the front, until of course he cheerily greeted me when I got home this evening - from the road :(

The sooner it comes off, the better. Fatso won't go near him, and he's just a very frustrated, strung-out Bengal Boy!

So two friends have distanced themselves. To the point of a non-existent friendship. Instead of commenting on this, or chasing their friendship, I shall remember the fun times we had together, with fondness, and silently wish them well on their chosen paths. Thanks for the good times x

Which means I have space for close friends. Partners in crime!

I'm feeling miles better, the sicky pills really work.

No plans this weekend, so may turf out my wardrobe for Ebay stuff and decide what to take to Marrakech at the same time :)

And buy some plants for the garden.


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