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plan B

Plan A - Free 2 night stay in central London, with breakfast. Friday catch The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society film. Loved the book (thank you Margs). Saturday daytime, hair, nails and a schlep round Camden Market. Saturday night, out at my fave sleazy gay club. Sunday, a really quick whizz down Brick Lane, on the train to Mum's for a visit, then a night out with Kate.

Plan B - All of above cancelled due to me feeling ill and Murphy can't be left alone for a weekend. Them's the breaks.

So, what I did instead was order a new lawn mower and garden vac online from Tesco. And set about slowly, but surely doing the garden, first mow of the spring. I started mowing the lawn with the new mower. The grass box broke almost straight away, and then the whole thing stopped working 15 minutes later, pile of crap! I gave the Flymo another go, and luckily it started! So mowed the lawn and then it took me over an hour to rake it, as the grass was so long. It's all looking good now. The garden vac ceased to proceed after 10 minutes too! I will ask Rod to take a look at it.

Effing mower is going back to Tesco as soon as I can get it there, and I'm getting the small Flymo I had last time, I really liked that one. Anyway, in between reading breaks, of which there were plenty, I got it all done *beams*. And weeding n seeding n planting.

Meanwhile. Murphy isn't supposed to go out. Tell it to the hand, he's an outty boy, he won't stay in, the howling OMG!!!

Cries to go out, at 9am I relent.

By 10am he stuck on Alan's shed roof as the cone puts him off getting down.

Alan gets on a ladder and grabs him. Alan now has gashes down his leg, and Conehead escapes to the next garden.

I get our metal ladder and put it up against Alan's shed roof.

10.30 Conehead appears on Alan's conservatory roof, howling his head off. He can't get down. I coax him down, he climbs into the conservatory. I get my book and sit outside.

A few minutes later, the howling starts. I go in via the dining room door. He's stuck at the bottom, so I have to shift a load of stuff to get him out.

Lesson learned by us both, he's been out all weekend and hasn't done stupid stuff. He's also had errr, *most* of his mediation. The fox has had the rest. But he does let me clean his wound. I suppose I should be grateful! It is looking tons better. Insurance have OK'd the £1200 op, but I will resist him having it. Or rather Rod will.

I've read one and a half books. TV has been on once, at about 10.30 last night.

Played lotsa Scrabble.

Found a fab OOAK hat for Natasha's wedding. Adore it already. Not that it's arrived, but anyway.... Must start bullying Donna about a fwocky!

Had a lovely catch up on the phone with Lin, and the parentals.

Invited to a UK seaside brocante by Kate on May BH. I'm very tempted!

Sold 6 items on Ebay.

Done all the housework, nice fresh sheets for me to climb into tonight. Even did the windows!

Sat in the glorious sunshine, and got a bit of colour on my pallid body.

And so.......my weekend was nothing like the one I'd planned. But actually, very fulfilling. And a reminder that I am very happy with my own company, and perfectly able to occupy myself. I've worked, and I've relaxed. Very importantly, for me, I've had the sun. I've improved my environs.

I've stayed on target for weight loss. Although of course I've lost all my gym points.

Am sat here with a nice glass of Sicillian red, chilled, bathed, soft skinned and happy.


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