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A Game of Two Halves


Cooking on gas! Up early, gymmed, weighed in, went down to the canal and spent a lovely couple of cours on Sarah and Tony's houseboat, sipping freshly brewed coffee and chewing the fat. Met Psycho Steve the dive bombing, goose-hating swan, and fed the birds. Idyllic. Hair done, lashes done, pedalled home feeling happy. Boo came and checked my tyres, he reckons they're ok, so that's good. Bath, and off to Den n Erica's for some delicious food, a lot of gin and great conversation. An absolutely smashing day. Even got to bed at a semi reasonable time!


This morning, met Martin at Cafe Chateau over Eggs Benedict. Had a good chat, and decided he wasn't for me. Wrong jeans, funny shaped head and a racist. Nice car (Merc) good job in the city, divorced, lives in Hertford, but I'm afraid he did nothing for me. We went to the vintage and antiques fair at Pickett's Lock, which was actually very good, but it left me feeling gloomy. He was nice to me, lots of compliments. But still.......

Just watched one of the older Escape to the Chateau programmes, and I'm envious of their lifestyle and their relationship. I want to have a plan and an ambition with somebody. I want somebody I can rely on, someone who has my back, and isn't doing things behind it.

And despite having no less than 6 lawn mowers, none of them work, so I couldn't mow the lawns, which hacked me off. It was dry enough, and I had both the time and the energy. Hey ho.

I'm feeling depressed.


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