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c'est la guerre

And with a magical *pouf* the censorship was gone!

I am in many ways sad. But both parties need to bring something to the table. I can't - or don't want to deal with the childish petulance. Or everything having to be done his way. Or being Rod's dirty little secret. Or being wrong about everything ALL the time. Or the pettiness. I'm sure he'll see sense at some stage, but for now, blocked on Facebook and Whattsapp (both of which he seems surgically attached to). No more me making the effort all the time. No more pleasing. No more hearing NO all the time. No more negativity. No more unanswered emails. No more wondering what I've done wrong.

Friday was "A Curious Course" at City Lit. Donna came with me, because somebody else pretended they didn't know about it, and when they provably did, pretended they had "a plan" with somebody else. LOL. No matter, it was a fun diversion. We learned about animation, a particular kind called pixellation. Nothing to do with blurry little boxes!

Saturday was a very mixed box. I finally hit my "Mission Impossible" target at the gym. I am SO stoked about that. I deserve it, I've tried really hard and put the effort in, big time. For those wondering why I can do gym with my foot and knees, it's all done on sat down machines. Egym is genius. https://www.egym.co.uk/

So, as well as losing 9 kilos, I'm stronger and fitter. And happy about it!

And then I toddled off to the chiropodist. Old Mr Over is a wonder. Old skool. In addition to seeing to my feet, after seeing how badly I was walking, he shored up my special insoles. It didn't help, but at least he tried!

By this stage, I was in agony and had to get a taxi home, even though it's a 20 minute walk. I spent the rest of the afternoon sat down. And the evening. I was really, really upset about not being able to go out. My first club for literally aaages, and I brought a new outfit and planned to see lovely people. But I was in so much pain, even just sitting. An early night, with painkillers. Everyone's been lovely, asked how I am and if they can do anything. Except one person who berated me, and banged on about the ticket cost.

Sunday was lunch with Rod. He was hard work, deliberately so. Lunch was nice enough though, so not a complete loss. Came home, had too much wine, felt sad about the way things are, and decided to get on with life.

I left the bedroom curtains open last night, so I could awaken to the sound of birds singing and sunshine. It was raining, but it worked anyway. I was up and at it early, a good start.

I can't stop loving someone, or wanting to be with them. I can stop putting up with silly behaviour. We are in our 50s FFS!

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