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Quite Pleased With Myself

Several items sold, at a very healthy profit, in groups, no Ebay commission. More of that please! And a few bits n bobs via the powahs of Ebay. All good.

Had a visitor this evening, it was lovely to have some adult company. Also lovely to have a good soak and a quiet night afterwards.

Been to the gym, added HIIT to the training regime, and feeling good about that.

Les girls are urging me to organise something for my birthday, probably something meal n burlesque or somesuch. My first birthday as a singleton for some time - and Valentine's, that's coming up in a fortnight. And I feel utterly Ok with that. I did Christmas, albeit smothered in love from Nix n Tiff, and I shall continue to do so, until somebody who is willing to prove themselves worthy, steps up to the mark. Or not.

I still REALLY want to do some of the Camino or my gorgeous Scottish roadtrip, but loathe to commit until I can walk decently. Meanwhile, Marrakech and Corfu to look forward to, so not feeling in the least bit hard done by. Dream trip of Africa is financially out of the question at the moment. Ditto East or west coast of the US, albeit for very different reasons. SE Asia in Nov still on the cards. Micheal is posting naughtily tempting photos, bless him!

Chores tomorrow. Hawksmoor n LAM on Sunday. Fat sistah visit (bitch has dropped SIX STONE) on Monday afternoon, followed by Gravesend Gerls Night Out on Monday.

The Scratching Post has a very large ginger tom on offer. I am sorely tempted but can only just afford the two fur babies I have now. But he is gorgeous, purrrrrr.

Feeling laid back and happy to walk away from the induced dramas.


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