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All In the Mix

So the hallway is a new colour. And I love it! The pink room is refreshed, and I love that as much as I used to. I've had to pay Tony to do it, my arm is still painful and my collarbone is jutting out. I went to the Doc today, who rather foolishly told me that both sides of our bodies are not the same ( he really did say that, in spite of my bone sticking right out and me being in pain) and then tried to prescribe me anti-inflammatories that I've been taking for the last 6 years. I'll tackle that on Monday, in fact, I'm looking forward to it.....Meanwhile, looking forward to the hallway being finished tomorrow.

Plantar fasciitis is back with a vengance. It usually goes within a month, but full-on hurty right now. The 2-3 miles I did today all but killed me, I was limping like a twat when I got back. But I will tough it out at the gym next week regardless.

I've decided not to see my date again. He's fun and feisty, but I'm not attracted really.

Rod did me a photobook, and it made me tearful. So many great adventures!

Cats have taken to both sleeping on my desk chair, so I am killing my back by laptopping from the sofa! Mad I know.

It should be the Rammy tonight, so my thoughts are with foxxx. Make the most of everything, because you really never know. What would she have given for one more year? Even with somebody we all frowned upon? Seize everything with both hands.


Feb. 7th, 2018 02:52 am (UTC)



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