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Faux Pas

I was lazy, too lazy, and simply Googled Thai and Vietnamese restaurants near Waterloo. Which is how we ended up at Sino Thai.

The interior is dated and the menu is Chinese takeaway style. The food is uninspiring (and I love Thai food!) and service, at best, so-so. It isn't cheap either. Lesson learned, if you're on a date with a new man, do your homework!

Moving swiftly on to The Vaults, where we had freebie dress rehersal tickets for Becoming Shades. I loved the concept, but it wasn't exciting I'm afraid. Poi, well, lots of us can do that. The pole was fab, but the rest was interpretive dance and unfunny funny bits. We sneaked off. Sorry. I've seen a few great things at The Vaults, this wasn't one of them.

Lastly on to The Camel and Artichoke. A nice little bar, quite a few locals in, it was busy. Comfortable surroundings, decent prices and clean loos, what more can you ask for! Didn't eat, but the food that came out looked great. A couple of bottles of red in there, confirming my original thought, that Eben is a bad influence! He's also a good raconteur, and delightfully, I can hold my own politically with somebody who's spent their life in newspapers and Parliament. Go me!

Tonight ladies and gentlemen, it's Dawnie, Linnie, fresh in from Wales, and a treat - Boisdale. Wish my liver luck!


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