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Potentially............we'll see what tomorrow brings me.....

So busy at work today that I simply didn't get time to call the doc for my x-ray results. Collar bone/arm still really hurts and it hasn't gone down at all. On the plus side, my knees do feel a bit better.

Back at the gym yesterday, albeit scaled down due to the above. Still, we made the effort and it was cold dark and miserable!

Hoping to start decorating the pink room at the weekend. And load some more Ebays.

Rod's surgery done, he was substantially more lively than post-pneumonia a few years ago, so I was pleased to see that.

Tomorrow I am meeting with an "influencer", a travel lifestyle blogger with a gazillion followers, that are so fashionable these days. I'm looking forward to it, something different. And keen to see how he pitches us. This old dog can always learn new tricks.

I bumped into hairy mary, looking her mongy self, at the station, complete with benny hat and anorak. She couldn't look me in the eye, and when I said a hearty hello, she said umm umm umm and scuttled off. Lots of luggage, perhaps going to see yet another "photographer".

Had a rather splendid working lunch today, with 4 fabulous colleagues. No wine, just water, but amazing conversations flowing and ideas and jokes, some appropriate, some not, bouncing around. And I bumped into another old fave on my stroll to the tube. I think I should network more. It's enjoyable if you choose wisely. Unlike Caesar, I am happy to surround myself with the lean and hungry men. It keeps me on my toes. I dislike complacency.

Oprah for Prez? Why not, can't be any worse than Trump. Great speech. Their time isn't up yet. But it's nigh. Very nigh.

So I am booked for a week poshing it up in a lovely all-inclusive place in Marrakech with Donna in May, and another week, somewhat more, shall we say, cosy, with Steph in Corfu the month after. Then Nix pings me last night and sez South East Asia in November. Why not, the world is my lobster - if I can afford it.

I am assisting Chris a tad, with the coming out, so to speak, of his good lady. For my part, I think it's the duty of the old guard to see in the new. Although far from done in that lifestyle, for various reasons, it has taken a back seat. Although in other ways, my hand is still in *snigger*.

Still haven't bothered with dating sites. I am being contacted by men, some of the really rather attractive, in the 30-40 range, which is too young for me really.

In other news, there may be other news. Something rather unexpected came up today.


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