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Oh No!

I have become addicted to loungewear. Deliciously soft, snuggly loungewear. Today, madame is sporting a pale grey chenille oversized top (prezzie from Nix), paired with fleecy heart pyjama bottoms and pink boucle socks. Madame doesn't have the slightest intention of going anywhere, she's already been out for breakfast, and is now very cosy, thank you!

I have been saying, all week, that I detest the windy, damp n dark weather we've been having, and if only it were crisp, bright and sunny, I'd go out for a good walk. Well, it is crisp, bright and sunny, we went to Wetherspoons in the car, and now it's all I can do to not head for the sofa. I am lazy and complacent today!

Oh dear.

Oh well.

Yesterday was great. Rod had offered to take me to Mum's as he was collecting a bike a few minute's drive from her. So he pitched up, late, as always, but presenting me with a rather fabulous vintage emerald cut stone ring. No idea what the stone is, but Kate put her jeweller's eye in, and it is hallmarked, and I utterly love it! It's SO me!

Parents are fine, still issues with Mum's prosthetic though. 15 months now! Dad is prevailing upon higher powers, which cannot be mentioned here.

And down to see Kate, on splendid form, as always. Now, it's probably very sanctimonious to judge other people's children, but behold, David! Only son of Kate. 6ft 2, blond, terribly good looking, 2nd year of Uni, staying on for his Masters. Very sporty. Superb manners, funny, cultivated, urbane, helpful, considerate and everything you could possibly want your son to be! We should all be proud of our children, but if Carlsberg made sons......

Now for my magnificent parsimony!

Other than breakfast, today at Spoons, 2 days none, and 3 days £3.74 for an egg n bacon brioche with filter coffee a la Pret, I have survived on under £5. I am extremely pleased with this! I raided rotten corner at the beginning of the week, and brought multiple items at 90-95% off. And I've ploughed my way through them, mostly under 50p each, some under 20p, and even had guests for dinner. And I have to say, I've eaten very well indeed. Starters and mains most days, and enough to snack on as well. Plus I still have 2 meals left.

I need to up my game with Ebaying, pffffft.


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Jan. 7th, 2018 11:56 pm (UTC)
Picture of this gemstone!!
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