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And Other Stories

I am back in England, still tired n grumpy, and totes unimpressed with the rain and cold. However, very impressed with Chris, the house looks great and the cats are happy and well fed, so couldn't have asked for more. He's a star!

I am noting here what else I did in Oz, mainly for my own memories, so it may look less like a blog than it should. Not that I care, if you're reading, you can put up with whatever I choose to write!

So, Paul flew me back from Adelaide gratis, which I was very chuffed with. Nix n Tiff were there to meet me off the plane, and we drove into Coburg, which is a kinda trendy part of Melbourne. Had a wee walk, and then they took my drive-in virginity. I loved it! Camping chairs outside, with pre-ordered BBQ food, along with a couple of other friends and their dogs. We watched The Last Jedi. Great fun! It's a shame the weather here is too dodgy for drive-ins!

Nix and I went to Laverton Market. I thought I hadn't heard of it, but when we got there, I realised we'd been there before, and Rod had had a mantrum! It's pretty big, inside and out, both new and old goods, and some bizarre people!

Footscray for Dim Sum, twice in fact. THey call it Yum Cha, I don't know why. Footscray is a very mixed vibe, mixed nationality place, lots of Chinese, Vietnamesea nd Ethiopian people and shops. I liked it.

I took a day out to visit OzCuz Emily, who lives in Kynetonnow . So I went into Southern cross super-earlyw ith Nix, we had breakfast and she put me on the train. Emily met me at the station with baby Angus, and we had a coffee in town before heading out to Bendigo to visit the Edith Head exhibition at the art gallery there. The exhibition was amazing, I am so in love with her work. Lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant and a walk in the park. The baby was gorgeous and incredibly well behaved. So a lovely day, with a lovely gal. And the only member of the Kelson clan who bothered to contact me during my stay.

Absolutely loved Christmas at The Night Markets9 Victoria Markets in Melbourne, but at night). A plethora of arts n crafts and just wonderful things to see and buy. And I did buy, we all did (Paul and Sean came with us). The food offerings were amazing too, like London street foodweco. u ldn't decide, and so ended up in Chinatown having a full banquet, which was bloody amazing. ended up with a stroll around the CBD looking at the Christmas lights.

South Melbourne market is also worth a mention, a cross between Borough Market (for the food) plus clothes and local stuff. Looks grim from the outside, but a very pleasant surprise when you go in.

Last day was a visit to Milk The Cow, a cheese restaurant, and Brunetti's a well known and fabulous cake shop in Carlton. Both utterly delicious, and we had a free show - an arrested shoplifter kicking off for over half an hour, hahaha!

In between Nix and I managed a LOT of shopping, all over the place!

All in all, a marvellous trip. I loved everything, and did loads. The weather wasn't as kind as it could've been, that's my only complaint. I was horribly sad when Nix left the airport. I don't know when I'll see her and Tiff again, maybe we up in Asia sometime next year. I hope something can be worked out. Paul I'll see here in June, which is lovely.

Back to normaility

*dramatic sigh*


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Dec. 29th, 2017 05:54 pm (UTC)
Glad to read you had a great holiday. :)

M x
Dec. 30th, 2017 02:13 am (UTC)
Thank you xx
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