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48 Hours Melbourne

I arrived at the Pullman at 3, Rod a couple of hours later. The necessary civilities done, we headed out to Carlton for our pre-booked meal at Pertutti. It was average, with a shared calamari salad to start - absolutely huge, more than a main, but the calamari pieces were too big. I went for the salmon main, again a large portion, but dry he went for the spaghetti marinara, average. A mixed plate of desserts to share, average again. Bottle of red $30, which is acceptable. Not an exciting meal, but as a plus, a shop I really needed to visit was coincidentally on he same street.

We woke up too late for breakfast, after me having been up at 5.30 trying to silence the humming mini bar.

Instead of hitting charity shop after charity shop as he would usually insist on, we visited some of Melbourne's many hidden gems. It's a city with a huge amount to offer visitors. Including a $5 pizza pub lunch, absolute bargain, especially if you only get one.

Having walked quite a lot, and with my calf by then singing to me loudly and producing a limp, he insisted we cab back to the hotel to save me more pain.

Instead of scoffing himself silly and drinking all he could neck in the hotel's exec lounge, as has previously been the case, we had a couple of drinks and some canapes before heading out again for a delicious meal at a trendy waterfront restaurant, before bar hopping several of Melbourne's roof terrace bars. During which, I showed him yesterday's blog. Instead of insisting that his years of lying, cheating, breaking my heart and eventually giving me STDs was all my fault for drinking, smoking and being overweight, he accepted responsibility for his own behaviour and apologised. Janice, who suffered the same treatment as me, and didn't drink or smoke or have the temerity to be plump, would have been glad.

He usually disappears in the middle of the night, always on the look out for something more exciting or to feed his FOMO, but this time, stayed with me, which was lovely.

Last morning, we made breakfast and had some sun time at the hotel's pool. I was pleased to finally get in some rays and swim time!

We exchanged Christmas gifts and sat in the beautiful park for an hour or so, and that was that. Friends who were concerned that we'd run off and get married, fear not, it didn't happen.

But he is capable of being a loving, generous, thoughtful and appreciative partner, when he wants to.


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