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In Love With Adelaide

Nice, spacious upgraded room at The Rockford, which is pretty central to just about everything. As I'd already eaten copious quantities of food on The Overlad, I had a swim in the rooftop pool in lieu of dinner. Very welcome indeed in the heat. And an early night.

The next morning, armed with my handy tourist map, I hit the attractions. Many are on North Terrace. Adelaide is British to the bone, and ye olde Brits thoughtfully laid everything out so that it's easier to find. There are also free buses so I jumped on a couple of those, just to get a better feel of the place.I particularly loved Tandaya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute. I was grabbed by one of several glam Aboriginal grannies, and given a free tour, along with explanations of the dreaming, pictures and tools. A very spiritual place. Pretty much everything else was in the British style.

Then off for 2 days at Semaphore Beach. Oh how delighted I was with my fully equipped cabin! It has absolutely everything, including 2 TVs and a jacuzzi. I only paid £60 a night! And a one minute walk from the fine white sand on the deserted beaches. Absolute bliss. I read on the beach, swam, made myself toasted Brie sammiges, and in the evenings, watched old movies with some cheap local red wine. Superb.


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