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Dec. 12th, 2017

Nix and Tiff were there as planned, to meet me off the plane. Rod's Mum not, as she thought it was the next day!! We all adjourned to Maccy D's for coffee to wait for her.

The flight was fairly uneventful. I had a minor hissy fit about getting an aisle seat due to having to keep my calf moving. The food wasn't good at all for Etihad, and I had pre-decided no alcoholic drinks, to try to stop my feet from swelling up. At Heathrow, I was 3 kilos over, so Rod put 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans in his rucksack for me. I got him in to the exec lounge by way of thanks. The jeans didn't make it back to my case, and I got bitten to fuck whilst camping, as those were the only full length I had. Oh well!

The camping in Anglesea was wonderful, I was reading without glasses by day 2. We got down there in an hour and a bit, and were fully set up shortly after, thanks to the awesomeness of their rig. OMG, so jealous!! I can see why Aussies love the outdoor life. Mountains and coast within a short drive, and great, cheap campsites. Reading, drinking wine, a walk along the coast and t-bone steaks for dinner. What can I say!

On Sunday we headed off to Aireys Inlet for the craft fair. I managed not to spend $149 on a buttery-soft leather backpack I really wanted, ad a lot of other things besides. Some wonderful thin gs there. Then on to Lorne and a wander round the shops, with a delicious dumplings n ramen Japanese lunch. Three necklaces from a charity shop. Then back to camp for more reading and wine.

Monday Nix offed to work, Tiff and I made up the pool, shopped, had coffee and dropped Sean off at the airport before heading into Melbourne. Pedicures had, a lil wander, and we picked Nix up from work and headed off to Caroline Springs to meet Paul for dinner.

This blog is being types on The Overland, a train that runs from Melbourne to Adelaide. I'm in 1st class and it takes 10 hours. They are feeling us a LOT! I'm in Adelaide for 5 days, one of my 2 de-peopling trips inside the Oz trip. Much as I love being with people, I also cherish time to myself where I can do as I please.

I have had a great time so far, in a house surrounded with love. I am covered in dog and cat hair and get sat on and my attention is demanded from all five fur monstas. Love love love.

Hoping Adelaide is cool, and kind to me. Also hoping for sunshine, it hasn't been hot so far really.


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