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So, the calf is still very painful and I still can't walk.

That having been said, I had a very enjoyable night at the Army Ball last night! Just not all the dancing I would've usually done, and getting from anywhere to anywhere else was just slow and painful. Such is life! Again, lots of compliments on my dress, and Rod looked dashing, as he always does in dress uniform.

The All Saints Hotel is just outside Bury St Edmunds. If I were more mobile, I would've loved to have gone into town this morning, but alas, it was not to be. The rooms are spacious and well appointed, but they are noisy, you can hear everyone above you and in the hallways. Didn't bother me getting to sleep, but it did wake me up far earlier than I wanted to!

The restaurant is gorgeous, a perfect Sunday lunch venue methinks. The staff are on the ball and very charming. The food is of excellent quality, and well presented. However, ketchup in mini glass jars is ridiculous, pricey and wasteful on all fronts.

The event was really well executed with very professional staffing, the bar was well manned and constantly busy. It's always a bugbear with country house hotels, that they shut the bar when the event finishes, and here was no exception. A full hotel, 2 large events going on, and a further potential of £1000 on drink sales, but they shut shop and go home. Excellent service, and the food timely and hot, always tricky at a large event, but they pulled it together. Great stuff. The band were fabulous, lots of dancing, albeit not by me.

The receptionists are all lovely and very cheery, as I was checking out, another couple were organising their wedding bedrooms, and she was a delight to watch as she helped them. It's terrible being in the trade, you notice everything! The worst thing was the smokers area, a shed, some walk from the hotel building. Of course nobody used it, it's too far, too cold and doesn't even have a seat. The result is, cigarette butts everywhere, which could easily be avoided with nearer smoking bins, so it's a shame.

This afternoon A & D picked me up and whisked me off to The Bulls Head for the last get-together (For me) of 2017. I had exactly what I almost always have, the pate followed by the beef. And as always, it was delicious. I felt rather tired and a tad delicate, this was just the tonic. Lovely afternoon, we were there til around 4, with good people in a wonderfully Christmassy venue. Every visit here is a pleasure. Cab back with Joe.

Nana nap when I got home. No idea how I'm going to manage the rest of this week, work, packing, housework. But I'm going to have to make it happen. Leaving in 4 days. Ready or not.


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