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My Prince

Yesterday I asked Rod to pick me up at 10.30 to collect my ironing, go to the Post Office to collect a delivery and drop me of for my nail appointment, and he said he would.

At 1am I suddenly remembered my nails were 10, not 11, and could he come at 9.30?

Instead he came over and stayed.

At 3am, when my calf popped again, and I was rolling around screaming and crying, he was the one holding me and saying, don't panic, I'm here.

Off we went this morning, parcel had not been redirected, so I asked him if he would drive to the main office whilst I had my nails done, which he did.

By sheer coincidence, on his way back, I was on a street corner waiting for a taxi, so he gave me a lift home too.

Very much my knight in shinning armour.

My calf is absolutely dire, I can walk for no more than 2-3 minutes, painfully slowly. However, I am mentally in a much better place due to his care and help.


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Dec. 2nd, 2017 10:52 pm (UTC)
Rod makes for a fantastic partner, but a terrible spouce. . He's been truly and genuinely great to you lately... and he was utterly amazing to Tiff and I when we were there.

You and I both picked our last relationships that way.. I've been reflecting al lot on the parallel ways our lives run in some facets. Sean now back in our lives has worked so smoothly for us all... We all compliment each other well... so long as wee are not in a "relationship" as such.
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