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Every year I think next year is gonna be my year. But it never was!

I did years of Rod's lying and constant infidelity. Always thinking it would change, but of course, it never did. He got older and more desperate, I got older and wiser. We are friends, and I appreciate him a great deal. I enjoy his company. But this will be the first Christmas I've spent as a singleton in 11 years, and I will wake up alone. But not thinking maybe he'll stop the performing circus he needs to travel on, so there are plusses and minuses.

I also have no firm plans for NYE, having been let down. First time ever I think!

My calf is shit-on-a-stick, and all I can think about at the moment is it's potentially ruining the Oz trip. I may take a few extra days in Adelaide, where the weather is better. If you can't move much, you may as well be somewhere sunny! But I have 3-4 more days to ponder that, possibly longer.

In 2018 I will launch myself on the dating scene. I already know there's a queue waiting for me, but I won't be taking any shite on board. The 6 month breathing space has given me time to sort out in my head, what I am looking for. Hopefully this will put most of the chaffe off.

I would still want to be somebody's something very special.

I will not tolerate lying and cheating.

I may or may not live with somebody again.

I am still sexually active!

I do still want to club and party, albeit not several times a night these days.

I'm still a perv, and looking forward to getting back in the saddle again :)

Lots more. But for now, I'd just settle for being able to walk!!!

Really am trying not to get too despondent. I try so hard, and yet get fucked over by whatever.


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Dec. 2nd, 2017 02:58 am (UTC)
No extra days in Adelaide. Come longe in sun at mine. There will be plenty of it. We are setting up the pool... Do we also need to install a sandpit to substitute for the beach?
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