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Lucky Lucky Lucky

So today was 100% win.

Same ole shitty commute, but I was quick on nabbing the seats.

Great lunch with a work colleague, who also did a good training sesh for me and the team.

A three course meal for £12.95 in the West End. OK, so not gourmet, but feel the value. And all perfectly edible. I've been to Andalucia a few times now, and it's great value. But now, a Korean BBQ noodle spicy shit place has opened up next door, bwahahahaha!

Venus in Fur was great. I am not going to say anything about it as I know several friends have yet to go. But I loved it. I also appreciate the seat upgrade for my entire group, even though we purchased on a discount :)

And then into Planet Hollywood for a cheeky after drink.I am old enough to remember the glorious heyday of this place, in it's original venue with John Wales and Mark Miller. Many a glory glory night. Not so now. It's grubby and touristy. A shame, but everything changes. Not unpleasant really, but not like the olden dayze.

Lovely to spend a Christmassy night out with the gang before I vamoose to Oz next week. Really enjoyed myself.

Home, to find boo has left a bloody lovely Ralph Lauren leopard print dress on my chair.

Very happy!


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