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Absolutely Blessed

Last night I was home by 6, and heading or the bath. Debs calls, she needs to collect something, and says she'll do a drive by collect in her taxi. I invite her and A in for a drink. She says no. Five minutes later, she calls back and says she will pop in, just for one. Three bottles and the addition of her daughter later.......bang goes my early night. But SUCH good company, lots of laughs and serious discussions.

This morning, up early, planning to head into Kent. I keep looking out of the window, thinking to myself that that rain would stop in a minute, but of course, it didn't. So I head off anyway. Via a taxi that had soaking wet seats due to the previous occupants spilling booze on them! Spend the afternoon at Mum & Dad's. They are both pretty good, all things being considered. Mum has MRSA yet again, and needs to do further blood tests and a heart echo, before undergoing yet another leg op. She's downhearted and fed up with it all, understandably, but still, game. Bless her. 80 next year.

And then dad dropped me of chez Kate n Nealy. He's OK, not great. She, remains one of my true heroines. She would've quaffed champagne and sung the national anthem as the Titanic sunk. She is larger than life, so ebullient and yet so vulnerable, and I simply adore her. She's a fighter and the greatest company. She had a gay mate round, so we sat, drinking bubbles, telling hilarious stories and slagging off Strictly. Roaring with laughter. Honestly, such good fun, I left wishing I could stay, in very high spirits.

Tomorrow, I have Rod, his Mum and his uncle coming round for Sunday lunch. I've opted for a very simple, yet delicious Jamie Oliver slow roast lamb. With all the trimmings, naturally. They fly home on Monday, so I want to give them a generous British send off.

So this weekend, I haven't partied or done anything outrageous. Just been at my home or somebody else's, and had a blast. And felt loved and included by all. Betwixt all of this, I've had Nix plotting and planning some fun things in Oz. Only 3 weeks til I'm Down Under!

Life threw me a massive curve ball in the middle of this year. I simply pulled up my big girl pants and carried on. I am surrounded by the most wonderful people.


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