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Happy Days

Saturday night I made a conscious decision to sleep on the sofa with the fur monsters! It was just so warm snuggly and super-cosy, that I went upstairs, bushed my teeth, came back down, clambered under a throw, positioned both cats so that I could touch them, and I swear, asleep in seconds! Woke up naturally at 7am, fresh as a daisy!

Lazyish morning, then jumped on my bike and pedalled off to the station and Lunnun. Dawnie's birthday, and lovely Lin travelled all the way from Wales just to have lunch with us, what a darling!

The Avenue is a stylish restaurant in St James, I think we were the only non "ok yayhs" in the building. Food was ok, service was completely on point, and a jolly good time was had by all. I do love Eggs Benedict at lunchtime, it feels very naughty! The chicken burger was a bit of a let down, it was 2 very small pieces of chicken goujon in a fairly non-descript burger. The cheesecake, lovely, thick, creamy New York style, with compote, was banging! £29.50 for 3 courses in that standard of restaurant and location is great value. We opted for the extra £18 for unlimited Prosecco, and they were generous with tops ups!

Lin had to dash for the 3. I'd espied a picture postcard courtyard pub on the wander down. So we stopped for a glass of vino. And then a bottle, and then another. It transpires were were in the bar of the rather exclusive Stafford Hotel! £120 later, out we came, and it was somewhat amusing wibbly wobbling home on the bike in the dark! A lovely day out though. Good to spend time with friends.

Rod came over in the evening and hung the curtains. They are EXACTLY what I wanted. Thick, luxurious blackout curtains, in egg yolk yellow. Perfect!

Watched John Bishop interview Joan Collins. Or rather, sat there starstruck as she talked about whatever she wanted too, LMAO! Now THERE is a movie star. Not the best actress in the world, but a STAR who oozes glamour and sophistication and she's 84 for goodness sake! Followed by Sue Perkins doing wildlife and people in Cambodia. Never been a big fan of hers, am now! Moved to tears by a lot of what she did, and her amazing ability to interact with the indigenous people there. And yesssssss, of course I want to go back, especially now I know there an elephant retirement home! Mum and Denis arrive today, I've invited them over at the weekend, if they are still here, not sure if they'll want to come, but it would be nice to see them :)

Life is just getting cosier and cosier one way or another.

Tonight I am dining with a gentleman. After that, 3 days of training in a country house hotel. I'd been upgraded to a suite, but downgraded myself to a twin, so that one of my old muckers can come and have a wee drinkie with me at the company's expense, and stay over without driving. Another three days away from the world, I'm liking it a lot!

I've had emails from both of the gentlemen I was dating last month. They are both very inclined to see me, I don't feel the same. but the flattery is welcome!

I've REALLY enjoyed myself this weekend, and it hasn't been anything crazy or OTT, just spent some quality lazy time at home with my boys, and fun out time with friends.


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