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Like a Twisty, Turny thing!

So, Friday night, Nikki and Tiff had John Bishop tickets from Rod, I planned gym and a bath. they forgot to take the tickets, he had to go to mine, take photos of said tickets, ping them across and tickets were duly reprinted. Marie cancelled gym, I though I'd go anyway, then Charlotte cancelled on Rod, so I ended up doing a restaurant review dinner with him. Luckily, he stayed with me for a while, because Nix n Tiff managed to miss the last train home, and he ended up driving to the tube to fetch them. Went to bed at 2.30!

Saturday was my easy day, I did their laundry, they went to Harrods. I only got dressed to go to the hairdresser, and got straight back in my jammies as soon as I got home. The girls came back at 4. We ordered an Indian and watched Wonderwoman.In the middle of this, I get a message from my ex, Guy, whom I haven't heard from for at least 5 years, offering me 2 free tix that night's TG Ball! Like gold dust , but too late, posted online, but nobody wanted em!

And then Sunday, up early on the train to London. breakfast at The Duck and Waffle. I really like the food here, my Eggs Benedict was lovely! The only problem was............Tiff does not like heights, lifts, glass lifts, fast lifts etc. D&W is on the 40th floor of Heron Tower. I had picked it especially for the view, not knowing Tiff's phobias. I thought she was gonna lose her breakfast and/or faint on the way back down, but thankfully she didn't!

Followed that with a wander of Spitalfields and Brick Lane in the autumn sunshine, and lunch at The Folly with Debs, Faith, Dawnie and Chris P before heading off to LAM. Bumped into lots of people, Ava, Emily, my ex Jon, Vic, Sin, Jill and loads more. I didn't buy a thing, everybody else did! A genuinely fun afternoon, and all back to mine for vino.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my whole weekend.

Been thinking for a while that I should take up a a hobby. Yesterday I became tearful with anger and indignation about the bigotry in this world. Perhaps it's not too late to become a political activist. After all, there's fire in these veins, and I've done pretty well with both my public and secret animal rights activism.

Farewell dinner for N&T at Debbie's tonight.


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