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Very mindful that Lin buries her Mum today, and that yesterday was the anniversary of Sarah’s son taking his own life. Very appreciative and grateful for my blessings, they are many.

So, yesterday Nix and Tiff arrived, back from Canada! They ended up checking into a day let room at Gatwick, as they were exhausted, and caught up with me at work, where we jumped on the bus to The Old Vic. Got caught somewhat short by the show starting at 7, not 7.30. At 7 we were in Pret munching and sipping coffee. We had to literally run across 3 main roads and up 2 flights of stairs to take our seats. But SO worth it! What a superb show The Lorax is. The puppeteering was so good, you hardly noticed it, and it was visually exciting and pacey. But with a strong moral undertone. Very pleased with the free tix from Rod, who also helped the girls with their enormously heavy luggage!

Back home, tea n bed. Oddly, after a film about Australian trains! The cats adore the girls and vice versa, it’s all good. I crept out like a wee mouse this morning, leaving them to catch up on much needed rest. They have tix for John Bishop at the O2 tonight, also courtesy of Rod, so I won’t see them til late this evening. But it’s so lovely to have them in my home.

I’m going to enjoy this weekend.

Apart from the curtains. I hate my curtains. They cost £18 from Ikea, so I don’t feel at all bad about buying new ones.


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