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I Swapped My Boyfriend For a Sofa

Not exactly, but it transpires that I could have, LMAO!

Anyway, my sofa arrived on Friday. The two wonderful chaps struggled mightily to get it in. Eventually, by opening the door of the freezer cupboard, they found the extra two inches they needed, and in she came! Fatso jumped on it. As if it were exactly what he'd been waiting for his entire life. Murphy took one look at it, resumed his autistic howling and retreated to the bedroom for most of the rest of the day. Me, well, I almost burst into tears, it's been a long journey. And then I stretched out, because I can on this sofa, and had a nana nap.

Rod secured the new shelves to the wall yesterday too, I put the rug down, and tomorrow, I'll be putting my bits and pieces in place. Faith is bringing the sideboard from Hastings. Then I'll decide between an extra armchair, or a coffee table. Not both, I don't want too much furniture. At some point, the curtains need taking up. There are bits that need neatening up, but basically, I'm done! Or will be very soon.

Murphy has completely come round to the sofa now. The pair of them sprawl like pashas on it. I like to see my menfolk happy!

Lightly sanded the floorboards on Friday night. I'm sure my neighbours adore me! And had a very relaxed and very happy evening, nodded off a couple of times. Slept better than I have in ages, and didn't wake up til gone 9.

Today I finally got around to tackling the lawns. The new Flymo is great, it's quick and light, but no grass box! So I'll get one with a grass box for the summer. Although I'm dog tired, I happily chirruped though my chores today. I need a garden vac too, one with a bag!

Tonight was Carry on Screaming chez Sandie and Pete. They went to amazing lengths to theme the house, it looked great! They had some sort of time machine in the lounge, which was amazing, and good fun. But the party game was hilarious! I did crap in the quiz, only got 4 out of 10, but my sausages went down a treat. As did Sandie's goulash. The film was camper than a row of tents, but good fun. I cancelled my hotel room, and got a lift with Den and Erica. Although the last party was a craic, I can't be indulging myself in 5am finishes this weekend, as there's so much I want to get done.

I've never carved a pumpkin! But a lot of people at the party tonight have never slept in their gardens. I have, and it's fun, with the right person.

Currently being gently seduced by very cheap holidays in Spring. And Muppet shoes.


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Oct. 29th, 2017 01:08 am (UTC)

Put me down for a very cheap holiday in spring please. X

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