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The Secret Life of P

With amusement, I note that since I removed 100+ people from FB, and stopped posting too much personal stuff on here and on there, my "admirers" have stopped reading, LMAO! Not a bad thing, given the atrocious behaviour of some of them. So LJ has turned into a bit of a daily plod about this n that, nothing too personal.

In almost-exciting news, my zombie nurse outfit has arrived, it fits, and so I'll be wearing that on Saturday.

In very unexciting news, my entire non-work life has been swallowed whole by decorating and cleaning. It's hard work, after a full day of actual work, plus the commute, but I am now seeing results, and I like it! This weekend, bar the Halloween party, I will be grafting again, but it's the last one for a while. I am pretty proud that I've stuck with my schedule and not slacked. Next, I have to clean the pink room, once Rod's cleared it, then we'll have somewhere to eat. He's been super-helpful, and I'm really grateful.

Worried about Murphy. Admittedly he does sorta semi-hibernate in Winter, and is out all summer, but he's looking a bit old n scraggy. I also think the pair of them have fleas, which has never happened before, I've just done Advocate and sprayed everything. I am worried about getting somebody to look after them whilst I'm away, and that's only 6 weeks off now!

In non-love news, last week's date fail has persisted in texting me, I haven't replied. The eager 32 year old is still eager, and Spence is still mailing. I'm just disinterested if I'm honest. There are lots of things I'd love to go to, but would be so much better as a shared experience, it can all wait til 2018 as far as I'm concerned. I am working myself out, and learning to love myself again. I'm in no rush, much as I miss skin on skin, and of course, companionship. It's hard coming home to an empty house every night.

But life isn't too bad, and Nix n Tiff arrive proper next week :)


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