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Oct. 22nd, 2017

Worked very hard again today, and I can officially confirm I am more than half way there, ta-da! I am actually super-proud of what I've managed to do, and it incentivises me to carry on. I've got black tile paint inside my nails, and I am a mess, LOL.

I've been in a bit of an emotional tailspin most of the day. Himself tells me that if I'm lonely, it's my decision. And that I'm no longer permitted hugs. I know perfectly well I shouldn't expect empathy from him, and I should place less value on what he says. But it's difficult when I'm feeling so down, Things have gotten to me a lot this weekend. He did pop in today to see if I was alright, I was nana napping. But it was kind anyway.

On top of that, Mum has an aneurysm in her stomach and needs an op, plus another op to improve the blood flow to her legs. But first, a test to see if she'll survive both ops at her age and condition, they are worried about the gas. Plus it's London, not local :(

I wanted to put a wash on the floorboards, but realise what foolishness that would be, with the cats indoors during the winter. Shame.

Sofa comes on Friday, Hutch is helping me get the old one out Thursday evening. I'll have to get the rug home via Uber tomorrow or Tuesday. Then I can visualise whether or not it needs the addition of an armchair.

Boo is getting a shelving unit from Ikea tomorrow, I knew I should've picked it up when I saw it on Saturday, and then Tone would've put it together for me.

Lawn mowing didn't get done. Don't care, ner ner ner!

I'll be in bed shortly. I'm done in again.


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