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Hero to Zero, in Just Two Days!

So sunrise at 7.30 and sunset at 6, which means I’m now going to, and coming back from work, in the dark. Not nice, but thus far, it’s not too cold, wet or icy, so I’m sticking with the bike for a while. It’s the only exercise I’m getting, no gym for the last fortnight, I’ve been cleaning and decorating nightly. I am SO tired, but getting here, slowly, slowly…….

So Monday’s date, Mr Alpha Male, own company, gym bunny etc etc, we’ve been pining texts back n forth, all good. Until yesterday, when I got “Good morning MissP, looking forward to submitting to you soon I hope”. Not only did that kill it all stone dead, I am absolutely FUMING over the way he, and other men, think I’m some sort of play commodity for them.

I replied...

"Very disappointed to get your text. You know my name, yet insist on calling me MissP.

And then, the killer, Looking forward to submitting yo you soon. Nothing remotely alpha male about that.

I hear that multiple times, daily, day after day. You have no idea how bloody dreary it is.

I am not in need of a play partner, I have dozens of people I can call on, or clients I can charge, or I can just stroll into a club and pick one up. They are ten a penny. Needy male subs are not on my to do list, looking for a serious partner I can share my life with, is."


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