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Chomping on Gorgonzola

Yup, no dinner tonight, I was painting til almost 10, and so wine n cheese it is.

The "calm white", which is in fact blue, has been done over once, but needs another coat. So that's tomorrow night vamoosed too! Hey ho. I haven't had the TV on for so much as a second. Toil til 10 and then a bit of internetz and Ebay postings.

Thus far, the Ebays have paid for the huge rug, some shelves and a sideboard. And a big cat tree, when I get one! I am skint, having spent about £150 on paint and painting bits, £100 deposit on the sofa, and £75 for Tony to do the lounge, kitchen and bathroom ceilings on Saturday. I am also getting a bonus trip to Ikea with Saz, f**k knows how much I'll spend there. Curtains are needed. The end of October will mostly be Bombay Bad Boys and biking to the station! I will get there, although I am running out of money and puff, it's hard work.

Things that have made me very happy today, are about 50sm of coving, Murphy not walking through paint again, and seeing my fat sister John, post bariatric surgery, and minus 22 pounds less than a week later! His stomach did look like he'd been on the wrong end of a good kicking though! I may investigate this, although I'm sure I can't afford it.

Bloody loads still to do! Good job I am of the donkey type innit!


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