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Oct. 15th, 2017

So, another day of toil! First coat of glossing done, and I've candy striped the bathroom floor. Second coat and some touch ups can be done during the week. Cleaned the kitchen up and put everything that I could away in the lounge, yahooo! So lots achieved this weekend. At a price, my back hurts, but I'm proud of what I've manged, all by my lonesome. Hard work, and more to go, but I'm getting there! I just want the sofa to be here, so that I can really see what it all looks like together. Two more weeks!

This afternoon, I spent a very pleasant couple of hours in the late autumnal sunshine, scoffing a lovely roast dinner with Debs, my only socialising all weekend. Very grateful for the break and the company. Came home to find Rod had left his key in the front door, the back door wide open and had parked 2 sofas, which I had specifically told him not to get, in the front garden. And then he decided to accuse me of being drunk (I'm fine of course, and proved it to him, NOT that I should have to), and followed up with some little boy petulance. Absolutely his loss, and one more for his one-man work creation scheme. When he's like that, I'm not sorry to see him go. Naturally, if I had left the back door open and my key in the door, we'd never had heard the end of it. He kicked off last week, accusing me of unplugging the fridge (exact words were "you fucking lunatic"), it wasn't unplugged at all, and then blocking up the Dyson, which in fact has sat under the stairs, untouched since the last time he used it. Hey ho, let him get on with it I say, it's easier to just not engage. He chooses to be like that. It's a choice. Just like me ignoring it and carrying on has been a choice for me :)

I have a date tomorrow. He's coming a long way to meet me, and has already booked a restaurant I approve of. Comes across as very confident and alpha, so who knows! I still think it's too soon, and that my heart is still very much wrapped up in boo, but hey, it's a night out, I won't die. And after all my labour this week, I thoroughly deserve a night off!

Another email from Spence. I obviously made a very lasting impression there.

Very, very busy week at work coming up too. Bring it all on!!


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