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Oct. 11th, 2017

Tomorrow is foxxx's birthday. I will strive to do something she'd thoroughly approve of, in her honour. She is still, still, greatly missed. I feel sadness envelop me as I type her name.

I had a disappointment today. I had booked NYE in a 5* hotel with Greg n Ian, planning to have dins somewhere and then go gay clubbing. I was looking forward to it because I haven't done a big New Year in London for years and years, plus the gay places are a scream, and naughty, and we got the hotel for an absolute song. Today he informs me that his sister is coming to visit instead. We've had this booked since March. Seven months, and he just decides to do something else! I still have both rooms, and another offer, albeit the usual local, so we'll see what happens. But that whole concept of planning something with somebody and then just dropping it like it didn't matter, for something else that comes along, isn't good behaviour. Especially bearing everything that's happened in mind. I'm sure dinner with his straightlaced sister and two teenage boys will be mind blowing. I now plan to enjoy myself, whatever happens!

Nix arrives on Monday, OMG!! It's come round SO fast! She is also bringing me a Galaxy Note to replace my almost dedded soldier.

I have worked seriously hard in the lounge tonight. I'm getting there! But I am very knackered. Going to bed shortly. This weekend I'll start on the kitchen and bathroom. There is so much to do, and I WILL get it all done, but trying do do it after work and over wet weekends is tough. I was going to award myself Sunday off, but nobody wants to do anything so I may as well plough on.


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