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Oct. 9th, 2017

Saturday, I worked like a dog. I had to move Rod's stuff round and round to paint the walls, and I found out how much I'd hurt my back on Sunday. But honestly, it was worth it. I bloody love it. Zesty yellow. Spring. New beginnings.

10PM Saturday night he turns up to move it, I sent him on his way, I was soooo tired.

Sunday he actually did move it all, and took me to Homebase to get more paint, via Spoons for breakfast, which was my first meal since Thursday. He helped a lot, and I'm very grateful. All good.

I am still not finished, and there is still the issue of the missing cornice, but I am hoping to be done by Friday night, including cleaning. I am actually quite chuffed with myself so far. And then onwards to the kitchen I suppose!

I had an unexpected surprise by way of a visit from Margs on Sunday afternoon. I looked frightful, as I was in the middle of glossing paintwork. We enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, and had a good talk. Not chat, talk. Contents private, but we are both happy. I am delighted to have her as a valued friend once more. Absolutely delighted. I have missed her. I'm glad she came, it can't have been easy. Power to her!

After going without Champix since Friday, and smoking 20 cigarettes in 3 days (I would usually have had 60+), I took the pills again this morning, early. Twenty minutes later, I was merrily being sick. So I know for sure where the sickness comes from. I am determined to knock the smoking, although food and water intake is obviously quite important. Therefore, it means timing the pills carefully. I can only try!

Today I got told Rod is on Tinder, LMAO! Of course he is, that's where single people who aren't too discerning and need attention and sex hang out! I have absolutely no objection to that at all, why on earth would I? I did object when he was on it whilst in a relationship with me (along with other sites) as that makes him a jack cunt. Every bit as jack a cunt as he claims other people to be. Continuing to be on there after he said he'd deleted it, whilst employing the incognito mode on his phone, just made him a stupid jack cunt. But he can do as he wishes now. The boy who threw away a diamond so he could fill his pockets with pebbles.

On my to do list this week, curtains, a rug, a new phone, trainers (I've actually worn yet another pair out) and eyeing up art. No rush on that though, I'll know what I want when I see it, I can live with bare walls.

Somewhat sensibly, I will be in bed by midnight!


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