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Yuk Yuk Yuk

Oh that delightful feeling, when your gums hurt, your teeth itch, your throat is sore, you’re woozy and can’t concentrate, you’ve got a banging headache and you feel very, very tired. This is what trying to stop smoking feels like, 24/7. I am on day 2, I’ve had 1 cigarette. I don’t feel bad about it, it’s just the way it is. I will plough on.

I had big plans for yesterday, namely gym and hardcore painting. The bike completely broke, and I ended up pushing that the mile and a half home, had a bath as soon as I got in, prepared myself dinner, stuck some washing in and watched Sunday’s Victoria and of course First Dates. I loved the slightly mad Polish Count, he was delightfully eccentric, but an absolute gent with it. Went to bed with fresh sheets on, the bed, not me, and had a great night.

This morning’s commute didn’t feel as fraught as usual, despite severe delays on the Victoria Line and a very overcrowded Piccadilly Line. My breakfast appointment didn’t show, or call, so I’ve just woofed down a belated brekkie bloomer, courtesy of Costa. Jolly delish it was too!

Yesterday’s news was just awful. 59 killed by a lone gunman in Las Vegas, and the dreadful behaviour, the absolute brutality of the Spanish Police during the Catalan elections. It’s hard to watch people deliberately being thrown down flights of stairs, beaten mindlessly or have their fingers broken by figures of authority, that we should be able to rely on and trust. Yes, it happens in Russia and Africa, but Spain? Spain is a neighbour! Spain is supposedly a modern and democratic country. Yes, I know the vote was illegal, so why let it matter? I genuinely do despair for mankind when we treat each other so savagely, over what's basically a difference of opinion.

Our housekeeping staff have called in sick en-mass today, so it’s all hands on deck. Very much The Blitz Spirit going on!


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