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It's A Start!

The sofa is ordered, subject to it being able to be fitted in the house. Should arrive 3 weeks hence. I am thinking about having the chaise longue as the 2nd sofa, which will hardly get used anyway, barely anybody comes here! Not sure what state it's in though, hmmmmmmmmm!

Paint is ordered and I'm picking that up tomorrow after gym. And doing this, that and the other! And getting my lashes done. If anyone can sell me time, I'd be grateful. I suppose I'll have to work out how to do the coving myself, although I am so crap on ladders, it hardly bears thinking about. That should've been done 3-4 years ago!

Looking vaguely at curtains and rugs, but not deciding. until I see the actual colour of the sofa in real life. Things always look different online.

Hoping to start painting the lounge tomorrow, if some more stuff gets removed.

It is what it is. Not what I'd planned, but hey, I'll make a crack at it.

Ankle okish today, back okayish today, period making me hormonal but very horny, and Champix making me feel extremely nauseous. I have to sit down and try not to be sick for about 15 minutes after taking them, it's a vile feeling. But fingers n everything else crossed, it works this time.

Considering what I have ahead of me, I'm feeling pretty cheerful and staying chipper.

Lush spicy stir fry for dinner, which I'll start once I've done a spot of gilding. And the boss gave me a bottle of red called "The Hedonist", very appropriate!


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