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I managed to finally scoot up to our pre-booked restaurant table at 9.30, thanks a lot Ryanair. Delays all round. I arrived frazzled, after at 6am start and a full day at work, plus flight delays. Poor Dawnie. Anyways, I did eventually arrive, half an hour late, in a shite mood, which was quickly lightened by a large balloon glass of "Gunpowder Gin", and very delicious it was too!

The Fade Street Social is an awesome restaurant (thank you Lin for booking). Too noisy downstairs for us, but upstairs was much more conversational. It's a sharing plates type affair, which bore no resemblance whatsoever to the online menu. However, it was absolutely delicious. We had the soft shell crab, the duck and the steak and some other bits n bobs, all on point and scrumptious. Plus a bottle of decent red, escaping with a bill of 50 Euro apiece, very reasonable for the high standard of food, service and decor.

Back to the well located apartment, for a wee sink in the leather sofas and perhaps a drop of red. Or more.

Saturday morning - A LIE IN!!! very much needed. A couple of coffees later, we hit the tourist bus which takes you to all of Dublin's many attractions.

Lunch stop, Slattery's. Now this place advertised a Full Irish Breakfast as recommended by Anthony Bourdain no less! So I had that. The food was fine, but I think AB would frown upon sliced white bread for the toast, already melted to oil butter sachets and those terrible sachet condiments. D went for the lamb stew, which looked and tasted lovely. Lots of locals in, which is always a plus.

Back on the bus for more sightseeing and some shopping.

I suggested we go one bus stop further on the way home, to look at local opportunities for dinner. We found a few take aways, a Vietnamese, and a grotty pub called McGraths. To the other side, we found a nicer looking pub/restaurant called The Red Parrot, but not convinced. Decide to do online research when back at the apartment. The Parrot get shite reviews for locals staring ominously at non-locals, McGraths gets rave reviews all round, so we head off there.

McGraths is not lovely inside, it is less than ordinary. Keeping our nerve, we both order the spicy wings, raved about lonline. Ace in the hole! Absolutely divine! And lots of them. All of the while, footy is on several TVs, which we assume to be local as the locals are very engaged, but it transpires it's Liverpool v Leicester.

The main courses were just as impressive, beef in Guinness with mash. And when we asked for a bottle of red, they have a full off licence and reeled off the lot!

To finish, a mango cheesecake, deconstructed, although it doesn't say this on the menu. It is beyond lovely! Worthy of a London 5* at a fraction of the price.

Adding to this, the awesome, and very friendly service we had from our waiter, he was a gem by himself. What a lovely ad hoc experience! And the bill? 50 Euros between us! A very lucky find indeed!

Sunday, up earlyish and hit Lovingspoons for brekkie. Wonky tables, but a great Full Irish served by lovely staff. Quite a local bargain too. Absolutely worth a visit.

Next, some more sightseeing. We ended up in some memorial gardens for "freedom fighters".

And then, a wee relax in the exec lounge after bussing tot he airport. Only for us both to be elayed yet again!

To short a visit, but very enjoyable.


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