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Guy's Birthday (Bad behaviour from 2011)

Originally posted by maitressep at Guy's Birthday
I shall tell what I remember!

Wore my black bandeau cocktail dress, a spiky collar, bird wings in my hair and blue lipstick. I don't know why, I just decided to abut an hour before I had to be ready. Was originally going to wear a maxi dress, LOL.

Sarah picked me up - for which I am very grateful, and we went over to Sandie's to pick up her and Pete, and say hello to Ruby, who was as bouncy as ever! Pete told us it was also Sandie's birthday, which she was keeping quiet! So, as we had to go buy meat and booze, we also managed to buy her a card, cake, presents and flowers, without her knowing.

Got to Margo's and said hello to everybody. Poor Liam was really poorly, with food poisoning, and didn't look at all well. But apart from that, everybody looked like they were having a fun time. Gave Guy the Tigger babygrow, and it actually fitted like a glove! I was very worried as he's quite tall, and I thought the feet might have to be chopped off, but he looked fabulous! So pleased about that! Pete made some yummy cocktails (quite lethal actually!) and Guy's uncle manned the barbie. Food was great! Rather susprised that not one single person brought sausages though!!

We did Guy's "Happy Birthday", with cake, candles et all, and then Sarah and I sneaked upstairs to do Sandie's - and she was suitably surprised!

It gets hazy after that. Food, music, dancing. Playing with the punch bag in the garage, talking about poonanis (and I have no idea why?), Sarah screaming from the garage as Guy did some hitty stuff. Pete showing Margs and I how to do fire hands by pouring some liquid over our hands and sticking them in the BBQ flames, that was brill! I was cavorting naked in the garden, although why is a mystery. The young, good-looking Latvian (not Lithuianian!) kept hitting on me and telling me how wonderful I was. I'm pretty sure he's got loads of pix of me naked, not that I'm bothered. All fun, and nobody did anything naughty, so no harm done! And the monster of a dog, who's gorgeous and I want one! The cats were so much less frit than last time, which was lovely, so got some cat-stroking in too :)

Got home 3.30am-ish I think. We stopped off for Maccy D's en-route, badness!

I feel fine this morning, woke up at 8ish, minus a hangover, which really surprises me, as I mixed drinks a LOT. But feeling a bit tired and sluggish, so not going into Lunnun after all. May go over the road, or even do some gardening as it's looking to be a nice day out there :)


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