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Whisk Me Away!

What I should be doing is finding a restaurant for Dublin on Saturday night. Oh, and packing for Dublin! In betwixt I am sorting out Corfu stuff, and Adelaide stuff, and general 'Stralia stuff, and stuff I need to do next week, inportantly, a Doc's appointment, as my ankle is worse after 2 weeks. Which affects my knees and my back, so I want that sorted. And I just have piles of stuff to do.

And along comes beloved boss, for whom I will do anything, asks me to get a deal on 300 rooms in 2019. OK, so I do that. Not too hard if you know what you're doing. And then he casually adds, outside catering for 600 Hindu veggies, and a meeting room for about 600. Ummmmmm. OK, I can do that too, it just takes longer and more negotiation. Or persuasion. I'm good at that too ;)

I am the organiser supreme. I leave no detail to chance, I am shit hot at getting what people want on a good deal. Then I start blagging the extras. I know how it works. From a 5* hotel in the middle of nowhere, to extending the drinking time on an unlimited booze deal, I can charm my way through, and I promise you, you won't even notice what I did. An old skool fixer.

Recently, I did two of my "Without Prejudice" letters for friends. One was a lady friend, who's deaf and disabled Mum, was being cheated out of care and money, by the company providing the alleged care. By return email, she got what she wanted, despite the company lying itself stupid and covering up on a large scale. One, carefully worded letter, and it's sorted. I could probably attempt suing on their behalf, I am reasonably confident, but she is happy with the refund etc. All's good.

The other was for one of my non-English workmates, who was being mistreated by the landlord of her rented flat. Sorted withing a couple of days, she's now very happy.

But what I'd really like is for someone to whisk me away, without me doing any planning or having any responsibilities. Nada. Zip.

Of course this won't happen, but ya can't blame a gerl for wishful thinking!

Now, I had better organise myself for Dublin, it's tomorrow after all..........


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