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Sep. 20th, 2017

I finished my last blog with news that Fatso had brought me a mouse. He brought me another half an hour later. And I start this blog with yet one more. This one, still alive, just, after an exhausting chase, Fatso very eager to show off his hunting talents, me with a dustpan and brush, wishing he wouldn't. Anyway, it was alive when I put it out, and I'll check if he survived before I go to bed. They are little tiny field mice, very cute, and I suppose they are coming this way with the onset of the cold weather.

I find myself longing for the warmth and joy that the sun's golden rays bring me. Although it's only two months since I was last in Corfu, it seems like forever. And I honestly can't complain, with all the jollies I've had this year. And so I did some planning for my


I will be travelling, first class wooot! This is partially due to it being relatively cheap and also because I'm getting the return flight for free, thank you Paul. You get breakfast, a 3 course lunch and afternoon tea on board, it's all included!


All in all, 11 hours passing through places I've never heard of and will probably never visit. Much of it I know, to an Aussie, will be samey, but for me, it's all new, and a fabulous way to see more of a country I love so much.

Then I have 2 nights staying in the city centre, which will be a day of hardcore sightseeing and a day of thrifty shopping. And after that, I'm heading off to the beach for another 2 days. I've booked a little cabin right on the shore, cheapo. And I'll sunbathe, swim and read.

I've holidayed alone so much this year, Corfu was wonderful to me, I hope Adelaide is as generous.

The rest of my Oz time, I dunno. I have 2 nights in the lovely Pullman, which was great last time. Shopping and BYO with spicy noodles. I will go to Kyneton for a day to see Emily and Angus. Apart from that, I'll go where the wind blows me, but I am bloody determined to see and do as much as is humanly possible. Lots of time during the last 4 trips was spent at the farm, and I have time to make up. Such a huge country with so much to offer.

Australia is making me feel very melancholy this evening. Which is daft, considering I've got a Dublin trip the day after tomorrow, and Nix n Tiff in a matter of weeks. But you can't help what's in your heart.


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