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Sep. 19th, 2017

Sunday was a blast!

Visited the 'rents. All well, except Mum's skin has grafted to her stump bone. They are trying her with yet another new fitting soon. If that opens it up again, it's either stay in the wheelchair, or have more amputated. That may not even be a choice as they're not keen on gassing her at her age. So, no real progress. But other than that, and Dad being breathless, pretty good.

I had a mooch round the vintage market, mostly repro, and very overpriced, so my purse stayed where it was, thankfully! I did see one dolly little hat, but get away with £89! £20 and I would've had it.

Afterwards, mesself, Kate, Nealy n Jackie headed down to the Riva, where they gayer-than-gay and always fabulous Chris Till was performing. Mucho Prosecco neckedo. Great fun.

And then we went over to The Three Daws, and did the pub quiz, coming joint first! We lost on the tie-breaker, but very creditable I think. And it all stands Kate in good stead. Came back to 2 lawnmowers and the lawn mowed, thank you Rod.

Monday I wake at 5am, like death. Phone in sick, go back to bed and didn't resurface until 2.30 in the afternoon. I ached all over, congested, coughing, sneezing and generally yuk. Later in the evening, I ordered a Chinese, but couldn't eat it. Most of that I've eaten tonight by way of a super-hot chilli stir fry. And I do feel better. It's broken. Spence wanted to come over, said no to that, quite happy by myself and an earlyish night.

Lin has had to pull out of Dublin, Dawnie and self still going. First restaurant sorted, ditto a bit of sightseeing on Saturday.

Back in the gym tomorrow I hope.

Now I have to go as Fatso has just deposited a live mouse under my desk. Ye gods.............


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