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Good things happened to me today.

The first email I read was "My home is always your home, you never need to ask. ♡" Nix.

The second was a mail from Spence.

The third was not so pleasant, but after a short exchange, sorted.

My journey in to work was trouble free (it has been a bit fraught this week!).

My boss, the owner, took me out for a lovely lunch, which made amends for yesterday's dramas.

An old colleague popped in, good to see him.

My clients have been ace, very complimentary and commenting on the speed of my work. I also cruised through some major negotiations.

I had dinner with a gentleman, who spent a not inconsiderable time driving to fetch me, and then turned around to take us straight back out again. Was good company through the meal, which also was a lovely fish dinner in a place I've never visited before.

Sunday is planned out, and will be ace. Parents, great friends, markets and vintage fairs. Saturday will be mostly the neglected chores, but hey ho!

I am finally starting to plan out Oz. It's going to be very different this time. But I will make the most of it, as it's potentially the last trip for a long time.

Zanzibar/Tanzania, hmmmmm!

Dublin with the girls this time next week.

I'm not settled, or happy, but I honestly can't complain.


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