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No, not you Emma!

One is currently seething, due to being heavily compromised. It's not a personal matter. I am locked in my office with both of my phones off the hook, waiting for the storm to pass. As it shall.

In all my walks of life, I always deal with people honestly and with integrity, and I expect the same.

Moving swiftly on............

I was so grown up last night!

Tragically, a person was killed by the train in front of mine on my commute home. Our train came to an emergency stop, the driver announced what had happened. Ten minutes later, we inched into Ponders End, where we were all chucked off and advised that there would be no further trains for the foreseeable future. I leapt, as much as one can with a sprained ankle, on to the platform, and dropped (and damaged further) my phone in agony. But persisted as I knew it would be a mere minute before the Uber surge rates started. Called my Uber, at the normal rate, and waited ten mins, whilst watching frustrated fellow passengers do the same. Mine arrived first, and I decided to give a lift to two young 'uns who were heading for Broxbourne. They tried to press a fiver on me, but I told then, next time it happens, as it will, pay the kindness on by offering a stranger a lift.

Got home, and Debs pitched up, with her Espresso Martini making kit, she did that, whilst I did a simple 2 course meal of pate and olive bread to start, and a stir fry, HOT N SPICY, mostly made from leftovers and rotten corner offerings. Both tasty. Then we had the wine she'd brought, then my Claret, then it got messy! Key words here are toilet roll rage and growler. However, we both got to bed at a semi-sensible time.

I have to say, I enjoy having friends over for meals and conversations. It's all part of the reclaiming of the house process, although I was annoyed to find that Rod has put yet another picture, which I don't like, on the wall. I have told him before and, IT MUST STOP. He's got his own house, and he is free to put as much crap as he wishes in it. But my home is getting emptied. I want it to be like it was in the beginning, only better. and it shall be so.


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