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Scents and Sensibility

As a smoker, my sense of smell is allegedly impaired. Sez the rules.

Two things have irked me this weekend. Firstly scented male deodorant. It's yuk, and it makes me feel really sick. It crawls down my throat and chokes me. I loathe it. Give me the smell of a man over pine scented bog cleaner any time. I have no idea what kicked this off, but I've been like this for years. I HATE the smell of any male grooming product, with the exception of Jo Malone, that's pretty good! Although jolly expensive.

I especially hate going into crowded, closed spaces, where you gag on male perfumes, I HATE IT!!! The tube or the train, where everybody has sprayed themselves with some shit, arghhhhhhhhh.

The second was picking up fox poo from the lawn. OMG, I know they eat anything, but REALLY!! Disgusting. Far worse than cat shit! Vile and a half.

My win was a smell that still lingers. A tingler.

As far as perfumes go, I accept I am a weirdo. At one end, the heavy Gucci Rush, which I've adored since it came out. My signature evening perfume. My expensive, but lovely treat, Miss Dior, which again, I've used for years. In the middle, we have Dolce Vita, which smells like sweeties and sherbert, I love it. And Armani She, which smells like baby powder. All that aside, I love anything vanilla or coconut, mmmmmmmmmm. I also have a soft spot for Victoria's Secret cheapies, they don't last, but they smell delicious. Drink me.

I know exactly the smell of things I love. Exactly.

Flowers can be joyful, or cloying. I adore lavender. Roses smell of dead people. Geraniums have a soft, heady scent, lilies are overpowering. Honeysuckle is adorable. The crocus smells of spring, a mowed lawn smell divine!

But there is always that one scent that makes me insensible.


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